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It's not another online course.

It's a free, full-time Bootcamp.

Learn & Launch your career now.

what is this?

We know how to get you industry ready. We've done it for 1000s of learners, and now you get to grab our training, and get paid for it!

BootcampX is a one-of-a-kind bootcamp where you get paid to learn, train and upskill. In return, we ask for your undivided attention across 2 months.

Post that, we place you with industry leading companies.

BootcampX is for you if:

  • You are a recent graduate (preferably in the last 2 years)

  • You are looking to kick-start an career in digital marketing

  • You are sick of e-learning platforms promising to upskill you and change your life

  • You are failing at interviews and you are in need of real world, working experience to be able to crack interviews

  • You are looking for information brought to you by actual people working in the industry

  • You are an engineering graduate who has realised that marketing is the field to be in

  • You have the kind of passion that can fuel a gruelling 2 month program that requires daily, undivided attention

How this works.

The 3 stages of our train and deploy methodology

Screening & Interviewing

Duration: 1 week

Apply for the bootcamp and complete and onboarding form. Your profile will then be screened, and if shortlisted, you will be invited for a interview. Ace it and get selected for our next bootcamp!


Duration: 4 to 6 weeks

Bootcamp begins the moment you are selected. It will be a combination of lectures & assignments. Everything we train you on are skills practiced by the MNCs we work with, so it will be directly applicable to your future jobs. You will gain access to the digital platforms, follow a daily study plan and gain access to your learning portal which houses videos and reading repositories.

Post Bootcamp

Average compensation: INR 4.5 - 5.5LPA

Our training material has been vetted by the leading organisations in the industry. Once your graduate from the bootcamp, we do a final assessment and an interview. Once selected, you will be sent for a direct interview with our leading organisation partners for roles within their teams. You will gain preferential access to these interviews - Ace them and start your career!

Samir Sahu

"This was the best training program I've been a part of. It was more like work experience than a typical academy. I learnt more here than in college"

Amita M

"I'm a law graduate with a double degree in Marketing. But I was still looking for a job that would motivate me. Thanks to Madsapiens, I finally have the skills and the opportunity to launch my career"

Soumya Chand

"I was quite disheartened about what to do after having graduated from SMU Singapore. I am not very creative, but Im also not 100% analytical. Programmatic advertising gave me the best of all worlds and thanks to Madsapiens, I got my break!"

Let's begin?

If you are ready to change the course of your career, click the button below and start you application process

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